Training and Volunteer Information

Training will be given to SWOT members who are willing and able to commit to regular surveys and monitoring of a specified stretch of a watercourse in South Wales. The training course will be in the form of an indoor presentation which will cover:

  • The Eurasian Otter
  • Population Trends
  • Legislation
  • Otter Ecology
  • Field Signs
  • Surveying

followed by an outdoor session surveying for signs of otter.

The objectives of the course are to enable volunteers to:

  • Know where and how to look for evidence of otter
  • Identify common otter field signs
  • Record and submit findings to SWOT.

In addition to regular surveying, trained SWOT members may have the opportunity to volunteer for other surveying projects, such as the National Otter Survey for Wales.

Course leaders are:

Charlotte  and Max, assisted by Lee Jenkins and/or Jeff Chard, as required.

All records submitted to SWOT will passed to SEWBReC and LERC  to help with the protection and conservation of otters.