Our Mission

Inspired by a talk presented by Jeff Chard in 2018, The South Wales Otter Trust (SWOT) was formed.

The main objective of SWOT is to create and maintain a coordinated programme of monitoring of the presence of otters in South Wales, through an active network of volunteer surveyors. This will enable the detection of rapid declines of otters in the area, to which SWOT can respond accordingly.

We offer training to identify and survey for basic signs of otters to anyone who:

– is able to access local water courses;

– is willing to survey on a regular basis;

– agrees to submit their findings to SWOT.

All records submitted will be passed on to environmental records centres which will help to build up a “real time” picture of otter presence and activity, which will ultimately help with the protection and conservation of our South Wales otters.

SWOT are also involved in the following activities:

– working with rural crime officers, advising and attending site where required on otter related issues

– investigating development conflicts where otter presence is known

– liaising with the UK Wild Otter Trust and Severn Wildlife Rescue to be able to assist with abandoned otter cubs – contributing to the work of the UKWOT fisheries, support and investigation team – presenting talks and training to NGOs, schools and community groups.

South Wales Otter Trust are committed to support anyone wanting to help

Welsh Otters. All of us do this work in our free time, for our otter conservation.